SABC Board Members 2016-17

  President: Lee Edelman 
  Past President:  Abby Karsch
  Secretary:  Lauren Gersten
  Treasurer:  Gary Viersen
  Website: Amy Murphy
  Community Relations: Debra Cohen
  Membership: Kelly Mishkoff
  Member-At-Large:  Monique Taylor
  Member-At-Large: Laurie Ben Moshe
  Athletic Director: Lamarr Glenn

Welcome to NSCHS
Spartans Athletic Booster Club (SABC)

This website offers athletes and their families a way to make donations to individual sports and make their annual donation to support SABC as well as pay for any supplemental fees, banquets, gear, and events such as the Annual Spartan Bowl.

Questions About Spartans Sports?
Contact NSCHS Athletic Director Lamarr Glenn

Click here to find out more about the
only intramural all-sports high school competition in Georgia
4th Annual Spartan Bowl 2017
Friday May 12th from 4-6pm



Once you have created an SABC family/athlete account, you are all set for the year to be able to make payments and donations as desired, as well as receive important all-sport announcements such as Homecoming Events and the April 2017 Spartan Bowl. Click on the Join Now Button below to update or create your family/athlete SABC account. Then you can choose to become a Spartan Booster Member.

Become A Spartan Booster Member
All athletes are expected to join the NSCHS Spartans Athletic Booster Club (SABC)
which is the volunteer parent-run organization supporting all sports at NSCHS.
Any membership level described below is good for the current school year thru June.

Spartan Athlete Membership:          $25    
                                                                            Logo key chain or car magnet
Spartan Family Membership:           $75   
                                                                             Above gift plus logo sports cooler or sports cup
Spartan Defender Membership:       $150 
                                                                             Above gifts plus logo stadium/sports chair or blanket
                                                              with Defender Membership, additional chairs/blankets are $50
Spartan Champion Membership:     $250 
                                                                             Above plus one 2016-17 Regular Season Home Game Pass
                                                                             with Champion Membership, additional passes $100





 SABC organizes the Coaches/Teacher Appreciation Luncheon sponsored by Olive Garden in late October 2016.