North Springs High School

Spartans Athletic Booster Club





Welcome to the 2020/21 School Year!



 The Booster Club is a parent volunteer organization that helps raise and allocate funds to support North Spring’s athletic programs to help enhance the experience of all our student-athletes. Your Donations to the Booster Club go a long way to helping us cover the essentials necessary to help keep our sports programs operating at a high level.



Your Donations Dollars last year enabled the SABC to assist our Athletic Teams in the following ways:

  • Donated over $14,000 in sports grants to assist our teams in purchasing new uniforms for their athletes. Our goal is to do the same for the upcoming year.

  • Paid for a new Tennis Wind Shield

  • Contributed to Baseball and Softball being able to purchase a new mower to properly maintain their fields

  • Purchased new Team Boards for Boys and Girls Basketball in the Gym. We hope to add Boards for Volleyball, Cheerleading and Wrestling

  • Improved Online Sports Physical Registration

  • Bought all the medical supplies necessary for our new full time Athletic Trainer

  • Established a yearly Coaches Continuing Education Clinic Stipend

  • Pay for all platform/merchant fees for team donations and fundraising

  • Maintain 501c3 non-profit status to enable tax-deductible donations

  • Host Yearly Coach Appreciation Events

  • Paid for yearly renewal of the HUDL software used by coaches for game analysis 2011-2020

  • Paid half of Swim Team Pool Rental Fees