• Mascot
  • Improved Online Sports Physical Registration
  • Funded the engineering fees to move boy's weight room to main gym
  • Purchased "Spartan Strong" screen for outside of gym weight room
  • Purchased two video cameras and equipment for filming of all sports teams
  • Paid for painting of Spring turf lines for soccer and lacrosse
  • Purchased new benches for stadium field
  • Purchased basketball cart for balls
  • Contributed money to the enhancement of the girl's weight room
  • Contributed to the new 2015 Athletic Stadium Sound System
  • Established a yearly Coaches Continuing Education Clinic Stipend
  • Funded the 2014-15 Spirit Club
  • Contributed to Indoor Concession Stand Renovation
  • Created and maintains relevant, effective all-sport website
  • Creates Student Awareness of Sports Programs and Athlete of the Month
  • Pays all platform/merchant fees for team donations and fundraising
  • Maintains 501c3 non-profit status to enable tax-deductible donations
  • Builds Community Awareness and Good Relationships with NS Sports Program
  • Hosts Yearly Coach Appreciation Events
  • Paid for yearly renewal of the HUDL software used by coaches for game analysis 2011-2016
  • Purchased Defibrillator for Softball/Baseball fields
  • Purchased Lockbox to enable safe and convenient collection of team money
  • Purchased Microwave for indoor concession stand
  • Purchased Volleyball/Basketball back-lit Score Table
  • Purchased cleaning/safety equipment for gym floors
  • Purchased Football Helmets
  • Purchased Turf for Softball/Baseball Batting Cages
  • Purchased new soccer nets, cones and training equipment 
  • Purchased 30 protective caps for Water Polo team
  • Purchased Cross Country Team Banner and Distance Measuring Stick
  • Paid half of Swim Team Pool Rental Fees
  • Rented vans to bring 40 Football players to Auburn scrimmage
  • Bought 2013 Freshman Spirit Shirts for Orientation
  • Purchased 3 Powered Hydration Stations for Outdoor Fields
  • Helped purchase new Wrestling Mat
  • Helped purchase Lacrosse Helmets
  • Purchased Track & Field Record Board
  • Lobbied Fulton County for tennis court resurfacing
  • Funded Tennis Net Crank Repairs and needed tennis court maintenance equipment.

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