Forms & Policies



This page contains all the forms and documents needed to fundraise, make requisitions, submit check requests, school forms and booster club policies.

All SABC Financial Questions should be directed to:
Gary Viersen, SABC Treasurer at

All NSCHS Financial Questions should be directed to:
Ruvae Roberts, NSCHS Bookeeper at 


Please keep photocopies of all forms/receipts sent for your records.

SABC forms and checks can be placed in the SABC Lockbox in school's front office mail room


mailed to:
NSCHS Spartan Athletic Booster Club
PO Box 566541
Atlanta, GA 31156

* Do not mail cash. Cash should only be placed in SABC Lockbox in school's front office mailroom.

All SABC Checks:

Checks going into any SABC account must be made out to "Spartans Athletic Booster Club, Inc."


  1. Fundraising can only occur after the "Fundraising Application" is filled out, submitted and approved by Ruvae Roberts (NSCHS Bookkeeper). 
  2. Once approval has been obtained, notify SABC Fundraising Chair so fundraiser can be announced on school and booster club websites.
  3. After fundraiser is completed, "Fundraising Recap" Form must be completed and given to Ruvae Roberts.
  4. The SABC payment platform on is the best way to fundraise, as 100% of all money raised goes directly to the sport.
  5. Please send all donors a "SABC Thank You Letter" which you can download above and can be modified as you see fit.

SABC Purchasing/Check Request Policies:

Money in individual sport's SABC account can be spent as the Coach/SABC parent rep deems necessary. To determine the sport's SABC account balance, contact the SABC Treasurer or SABC President.
SABC Treasurer:  Gary Viersen

SABC President: Lee Edelman and Stephanie Effron

To determine your sport's school athletic account balance contact the NSCHS bookkeeper.
NSCHS Bookkeeper:  Ruvae Roberts

If a sport does not have enough money to purchase a needed expense, the SABC Check Request can be filled out to request that the SABC Board vote on such purchase out of the SABC General Fund.  SABC will not pay for any items out of the SABC General Fund without prior approval from SABC Board. 

  1. All Booster Club fundraising can be done online through
  2. If checks are collected, they must be made out to "Spartans Athletic Booster Club, Inc" and given to SABC Treasurer or President with the completed "SABC Monetary Deposit Slip".  Cash must be deposited in SABC bank acct within 24 hours as per Fulton County Policy.
  3. Designated money from specific school sports accounts can be spent by filling out the  "NS Local Requisition" Form and submitted by Coach/Booster Rep to the School Bookkeeper. The school will purchase item(s) if bookkeeper deems that there is adequate funding in the school sport's account. If SABC money is going to be used, then SABC Check Request must be filled out and submitted to SABC treasurer, who will then donate funds to the school for the school to make the purchase.
  4. In the case that "out-of-pocket" money is spent for pre-approved SABC activities, the "SABC Check Request" form should be filled out and sent to the SABC Treasurer/ President for reimbursement. Original receipts must accompany form along with signature of Coach or Parent Team Booster Rep.  Please keep photocopies of all forms/receipts sent for your records. 
  5. Bank Deposit Cards can be obtained by a coach or parent booster rep for team deposits. All deposits must be accompanied by an immediate email to the SABC treasurer with the following information:  Name of Sport; Total checks and Cash deposited; Itemized Purpose of Deposit. This will ensure that money is placed in proper account. Failure to follow this policy will result in placement of deposit into the  General SABC Fund until clarification is received.

Paying Coaches for Services:

  1. All coach stipends must be paid through Fulton County. SABC can reimburse the school for those stipends that are desired and are not already built into the athletic budget. Requests for any additional desired stipends go through the Athletic Director with stipend money available at the time of the request in school or SABC sport's account. NOTE: August/September is the safest time to request these stipends as the window for requests from Fulton County HR Dept may close.
  2. SABC can pay a coach for only services done outside of the scope of their normal Fulton County job description and contractual time (ie weekend workouts, painting, grounds maintenance, etc).   The "SABC Check Request" can be submitted to the SABC Treasurer (with coach's SS# and address) as long as there is enough money in your sport's booster account. This method of payment cannot be used to pay actual coach stipends or coaches that are not currently receiving stipends from Fulton County.

No gifts or gift cards can be given to coaches using SABC funds.



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