SABC Board 2017-18

  President: Lee Edelman 
  Vice President: Lisa Greenberg
  Secretary: Sherri Kornbloum
  Treasurer:  Gary Viersen
  Website: Lynn Kaplin
  Community Rel: Lauri Ben-Moshe
  Community Rel: Lauren Gersten
  Membership: Kelly Mishkoff
  Parent Outreach: Audra Bacon
  Member-At-Large: Monique Taylor
  Member-At-Large: Stephanie Effron
  Athletic Director: Lamarr Glenn

General Meeting Dates & Info

Below are the dates of the SABC Board Meetings.
Any meeting changes to these dates, times and locations will be announced here.
Our SABC Board meets once a month, and any SABC check requests or issues that need to be discussed or voted on by the Board for approval will be addressed then.
Contact Lee Edelman if you need to know when the next SABC Board meeting will be held.
Go Spartans!!!