SABC Board 2017-18

  President: Lee Edelman 
  Vice President: Lisa Greenberg
  Secretary: Sherri Kornbloum
  Treasurer:  Gary Viersen
  Website: Lynn Kaplin
  Community Rel: Lauri Ben-Moshe
  Community Rel: Lauren Gersten
  Membership: Kelly Mishkoff
  Parent Outreach: Audra Bacon
  Member-At-Large: Monique Taylor
  Member-At-Large: Stephanie Effron
  Athletic Director: Lamarr Glenn


The Spartan Athletic Booster Club's mission is to support the North Springs Charter High School (NSCHS) Spartan coaches and athletes through equipment, facility and other sports-related improvements, as well as recognize individual athlete, team and coach successes. Our parent-run organization helps fundraise and enable the individual teams to fundraise to meet their sports-related needs in order to run a safe and successful sports program at NSCHS.
Booster President's Letter to Spartan Community

To all Spartan Families,

My name is Lee Edelman, and I am honored and excited to be your Spartans Athletic Booster Club President. I have two sons  at North Springs who enjoy playing many sports at the school.

I am a firm believer in the importance of a balance between educating the mind and exercising the body. I am highly committed to building a strong positive relationship between our Spartan Athletic program and the local community in which we belong. Participation in high school athletics offers students opportunities to stay healthy, develop a strong character and leadership, discover and sharpen individual talents, enjoy the benefits of teamwork, and face the challenges of losing and winning with sportsmanship.

Most importantly, I look forward to creating a Spartan spirit at our school and in our community which is positive, strong and contagious. Our Spartans Athletic Booster Club’s mission is to support the Spartan coaches and athletes through sports equipment and facility improvements, as well as recognize individual athlete, team and coach successes.

I welcome all parents who wish to help our Spartans athletic program succeed to contact me. Your energy, ideas, contacts, donations and contributions of any kind will help enhance our children’s overall high school experience.

I look forward to a great school year, filled with spirit on and off the fields.

Go Spartans!

Lee Edelman
Spartan Athletic Booster Club, President