SABC Board Members 2016-17

  President: Lee Edelman 
  Past President:  Abby Karsch
  Secretary:  Lauren Gersten
  Treasurer:  Gary Viersen
  Website: Amy Murphy
  Community Relations: Debra Cohen
  Membership: Kelly Mishkoff
  Member-At-Large:  Monique Taylor
  Member-At-Large: Laurie Ben Moshe
  Athletic Director: Lamarr Glenn

Spartan Bowl 5/12/17

Save The Date!!!
Spartan Bowl 2017
Friday May 12th  4pm-6pm
Stars & Strikes in Sandy Springs
Each Sport has a lane...
Each Sport has an equal chance to win...
1st place team: $500
2nd place team:$400
3rd place team: $300
More $$$ prizes for highest individual athlete & adult scorer.
Lots of other prizes, Great Bowling & Lunch
6-12 players per team
Registration Open: Athletes/Coaches/Admin Only
Each sport must have lane minimums (5 bowlers/lane) registered by Fri 5/5
More bowlers can then be added to each lane through Thurs 5/11
$25/person (includes shoes/bowling/lunch)
Bowl for your Sport's Team!!!!
2016 Spartan Bowl Winners
Champions Boys Soccer
2015 Spartan Bowl Winners
Champions   Football
2nd Place Winners    Track
3rd Place Winners     Soccer
Photos of Event
Baseball 1st Place Champions 2014 
Spartan Bowl Business Partners
Stars and Strikes