SABC Board 2017-18

  President: Lee Edelman 
  Vice President: Lisa Greenberg
  Secretary: Sherri Kornbloum
  Treasurer:  Gary Viersen
  Website: Lynn Kaplin
  Community Rel: Lauri Ben-Moshe
  Community Rel: Lauren Gersten
  Membership: Kelly Mishkoff
  Parent Outreach: Audra Bacon
  Member-At-Large: Monique Taylor
  Member-At-Large: Stephanie Effron
  Athletic Director: Lamarr Glenn

NSCHS Sports Physical

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NSCHS Sports Fees


Spartans Athletic Booster Club (SABC) Membership Fees:

Spartan Athletic Booster Membership is a SEPARATE fee that is donated by every player once each year if they participate in NSCHS Spartan Sports. This membership is $25 (minimum) for the school year and can be paid online through the Donations & Payments tab located to the left of this page. This donation enables the Booster Club to provide much needed equipment and financial assistance to the various sports at NSCHS. Fulton County does not fund athletics, and the success of our sports teams heavily rely on the generous donations made to the overarching Spartan Athletic Booster Club and the individual sports booster programs. The Spartan Athletic Booster Club purchases items that benefit all sports with a special emphasis on needed safety equipment.

Athletic Fees:

Athletic fees for each athlete will be determined by each coach and covers uniforms, equipment, tournament fees and any other items needed to run that sport's program and are paid to NSCHS.

Supplemental Fees:

Supplemental fees are determined by each coach and are in addition to the Athletic Fee if that athletic fee cannot cover the needed expenses required to run a safe and successful sports program. These fees may cover additional/optional clothing, additional coaches, banquets, etc... This supplemental fee is needed and necessary as determined by each coach. Checks for supplemental fees need to be made out to "Spartans Athletic Booster Club" (please put sport playing and child's name in memo) or can be paid online with a credit card by clicking on Donations & Payments link.